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Our mission at MLMRealTruth is to educate seasoned and new home-based business entrepreneurs on the facts of the industry. We educate them on what principles, culture and business model will produce long term residual income. We share documented figures and data to support the facts that are needed to have long term success in the home-based business industry. This information is comprised of 30 years of statistics, from hundreds of experienced full-time industry leaders. For many, this will be the most profound information regarding the home-based business industry they've ever heard.

About Me

About Me

Dr. Ron Federico
Presenter ID: 6020840

Dr. Ron lives in Southern New Jersey with his wife Susan, their son Ronnie and daughter Allison. Dr. Ron has been in health care for 30 years.
Dr. Ron and his wife Susan did what the world told them to do; "go to school, get a great education, and you will be successful". What they found out was that they spent a lot of money for their jobs. In traditional business, the business owns you, you don’t own the business.

They found themselves looking for an opportunity to work from home. They wanted more time at home but also wanted to make money. They joined an MLM and was in direct sales (multi level marketing) for 10 years But what they found, was that the business concept just doesn't work. They were frustrated with the fact that in MLM’s the 80/20 rule applied; meaning that 20% of the people made 80% of the money. Most people couldn't even make their initial investment back let alone a profit, and many went into debt by having an inventory of products, purchasing motivational audio tapes, books, and attending multiple business meetings. They came to the conclusion that no home based business would work.

Then a friend told Dr. Ron about a consumer direct business that they could work from home and have time and money to enjoy their lives, and no one could get hurt or go into debt. With this business, they found that to be true. They have been able to create a full time income on a part time basis. And all of their business partners have a level playing ground to succeed.

As a health care professional, Dr. Ron always wanted to help people reach their health care goals. With “the business that works” and teaming up with the Time and Freedom Team, Dr. Ron and Susan are able to apply that same attitude of determination to help people get healthier and also help them reach their financial goals. The Time and Freedom Team system of duplication provides the "blue print" or "the track to run on” for the average teachable person to have success!

If you are serious about changing you're financial future contact Dr.Ron! Ronfederico@me.com or
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